Surja Datta

Dr Surja Datta is a Senior Lecturer, and Module Leader of Global Strategy and Innovation- a core module of Brookes Global MBA Programme.

Surja Datta received his doctorate from Bristol Business School, University of the West of England. He also holds an MBA from Strathclyde University and an MA in Applied Social Research from the University of the West of England.

Dr Surja Datta is an academic and author. Surja’s eclectic research programme includes business history, innovation, and strategy. Surja’s latest book ‘Strategic Optionality: Pathways Through Disruptive Uncertainty’ offers a fresh approach to strategy by embracing the idea of strategic options. He has published extensively including several books, book chapters, and journal articles in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. Dr Surja Datta has earlier been involved in a European Commission project that developed business and innovation models for environment monitoring services in Europe.

Dr Surja Datta is the Associate Editor of International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development.

He is a prolific public speaker, his talks covering a range of topics, from management to philosophy.

Featured lectures:

Featured lectures:

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