William H. Meyers

William H. Meyers is Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Missouri, where he teaches a course on The EU and its Eastern Neighbors and Adjunct Professor, School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna, where he teaches a course on Food and agricultural policy, trade and global food security. He is Senior Fellow and Trustee, National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy, Washington, DC.

He has a PhD in Applied Economics from University of Minnesota and is also Emeritus Professor of Economics at Iowa State University. He has served as Director, Agriculture and Economic Development Analysis Division, FAO, Rome, Italy; Visiting Consultant, Europe and Central Asia Regional Office, World Bank; Visiting Professor, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany; and Visiting lecturer, Institute of Economics and Finance, Warsaw University of Life Science, Warsaw, Poland.

He has lectured widely on food, agricultural and trade issues, including numerous times in Ukraine from 1991 to 2019 and has published widely, including several publications on Ukraine’s food, agriculture, trade and rural policy. He has worked on several USAID and World Bank projects in Ukraine from 1997-2019.  He has hosted 13 young faculty scholars from Ukraine, has visited the 8 universities they served and has arranged MOUs with most of those universities.

He has authored and edited several related books, including “Handbook of International Food and Agricultural Policies: Volume I” with Thomas Johnson, World Scientific Press. 2017; “Transition to Agricultural Market Economies: The Future of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine” with Andrew Schmitz, CAB International, 2015; and “Refocusing Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in Ukraine: Action Plan for the Road Ahead”. USAID, with Demyanenko, Johnson, and Zorya, USAID, 2005.

Featured lectures:

Featured lectures:

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