Crisis Management and the Hyper-Urban Environment: From Fragility to Resilience

 Duration: 90 min
  Language: English


Global crises were traditionally seen through the lens of rural impacts: floods, droughts, famine, but in the modern works it is cities that are most vulnerable.

Whether it is because of the collapse of over-aged and under-maintained systems, their global interconnectedness and hyper-dependencies, technical malfunctions, the pressure of the demands on limited resources, or malicious attack, it feels as though the systems that underpin our urban existence have reached the limit of their capacities and capabilities.
This lecture will look at issues of urban resilience and some of the approaches that are needed to ensure that our cities of the near-future maintain their functionality in the face of ever-increasing pressures.

About Expert:

Executive Director in The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (London, GB),  D.SyRM, CSyP, F.ISRM

Dr. David Rubens is a recognised authority on the strategic management of complex events, particularly within a multi-agency crisis management framework. He offers a combination of doctoral level academic research and teaching, strong commercial, operational and project management experience and government-level and C-Suite consultancy across SE Asia, Middle East, Latin America and East and West Africa.

Dr. Rubens holds a doctorate in security and risk management from University of Portsmouth (2015), writing his thesis on alternative command & control frameworks for strategic management and critical decision-making in complex crisis environments.

He is currently Professor in the United Nations University for Peace European Centre for Peace and Development (Belgrade), where he is Programme Director for the International Postgraduate Study Programme in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management; Associate Lecture at Berlin School of Economics and Law Master’s programme in Security Management, and Associate Lecturer at University of Gloucestershire MBA programme. He was previously Visiting Lecturer and Dissertation Supervisor on the Leicester University ‘Security, Policing and Terrorism’ MSc programme (2006-12), and a Visiting Lecturer on the Strategic Leadership programme at Cranfield University (UK Defence Academy) (2010-11), where he lectured on terrorism and public policy, and strategic management of complex operations.

Dr. David Rubens specialises in the management of hyper-complex systems associated with city management and critical national infrastructures. He is a member of the UK National Preparedness Commission, was previously a member of the UK Critical Infrastructure Resilience Executive Steering Committee as a Subject Matter Expert for strategic management of complex crisis management, and was a founding member of the London Resilience Gold Command Crisis Management Project Academic Advisory Group.

Dr Rubens founded the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) in 2018, which has established itself as a leading platform for academics, practitioners and policy-makers across the range of security, risk and crisis management -related sectors. Under the ISRM, Dr Rubens has developed a range of UK-accredited strategic risk and crisis management training programmes, which he delivers at seminars across the world for senior decision-makers in government ministries and agencies, corporate organisations and global NGO’s.

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